The performance "the artist is stone" is a tribute to Marina Abramović's performance "the artist is present". The project was born on the one hand from the fascination and inspiration to Abramović's extreme performance and on the other hand because Abramović is about to challenge and test his own perseverance.


The aim of the performance was to see how people react to the "stone" and also to test as a self-experiment, how long it can withstand these conditions (summer 34 ° C hot ground), for a human being. The child's attitude was chosen because it was associated with "mother nature" and consequently with a natural attitude.


As a place for the performance, the Danube Island was chosen because it offers a good combination between "absolute nature" and "absolute city". Digitally documented was the performance of Julia Kieslinger.


The motionless dwarves in childhood (each 10 minutes), was interpreted differently by the people, which was sometimes very shocking, but also interesting: "Two passers-by associated the attitude with religion and insulted me, others saw it with humor, laughed and asked what I'm doing, or they did not respond to the performance .. The most important thing is definitely not to slip out of the role. "